Rolanda Alves Jewels and Gems Collections

Tailor Made Collection

This collection is a conceptual jewellery line made to order using the material of your choice and the best gems.

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Top Collection

A jewellery line with pieces made to order, in gold and silver where the focus is mainly on the gemstones.

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Classic Collection

In this collection, gems give life to metal that can be silver, alpaca, brass (plain, gold plated, rose gold plated, silver plated, rhodium or dark patina) and copper.

You can find pearls, mother of pearl, garnets, cornalines, labradorites, tourmalines, zoisites, citrines, amethysts, rock crystal, smoky quartz, jades, agates, rhodochrosite, chrysocolla, coral; you name it…

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Contemporary Collection

A collection with beautiful stones, generally in a size that causes impact and makes an impression.

Most of the pieces in this collection are with caocho, a light, comfortable and velvet touch material.

Without clasp, this necklace adjusts naturally to your neck and will make a difference in your look.

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Texture Collection

In a world where everyone blends so well, how can you stand out from the crowd – with our Texture Collection, of course.

Our Texture Collection has several variations: “Earth”, “Moon”, “Hours”, “Straw”, “Seeds”, “Bubbles” and “Forest”, each piece is handmade, so they are one of a kind.

Our collection includes pendants (round and vertical), bracelets (thick or thin), earrings (hoops, creole or vertical) and rings (large, thick or thin), offering you a lot of options.

Our pieces are gold plated, rose-gold plated, silver plated or dark patina. However, if you request, we can also make them sterling silver.

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Trio Collection

Pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings with a tridimensional form and a handmade texture that makes each piece unique.

Available in five metal finishings: 24k gold, rose gold, rhodium, silver or dark patina.

On request, we also make in gold or sterling silver.

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Organic Collection

With a tridimensional form and organic shapes, irregular and often asymmetrical as naturally occurring, you can find pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings.

All pieces are handmade, and each one is unique.

Available in four metal finishings: 24k gold, rose gold, silver or dark patina.

On request, we also make in gold or sterling silver.

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