Rolanda Alves Jewels and Gems Collections

Tailor Made Collection

A conceptual jewelry line made to order using the material of your choice and the best gems

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Top Collection

A jewellery line with pieces made to order, mostly in gold and silver and with gems AA.

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Classic Collection

A jewelery line where gems give life to metal .

Metals used are silver, alpaca, brass ( plain, gold plated or silver plated) and copper.

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Contemporary Collection

A jewelery line with beautiful stones, normally in a size that causes impact and definitely makes an impression.

Most of the pieces in this collection are made with caocho, a light, confortable and velvet touch material.

Without clasp, this necklace adjust naturally to your neck and will make a difference in your look.

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Texture Collection

“Earth”, “Hours”, “Straws”, “Bubbles”, “Forest”, “Moon” and “Seeds” .

Handmade textures that turns each piece one of a kind: pendants (rounds and vertical), bracelets (thick or thin), earrings (hoops or pendants) and rings (thick or thin) in order to find the one for you.

Pieces can be either in gold plated, rose-gold plated or silver plated brass. If requested the pieces can also be made in sterling silver.

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Trio I Collection

Pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings with an handmade texture that makes each piece unique.

Available in goldplated, rosegoldplated, rodiumplated or silverplated brass.

On request, available also in gold or sterling silver.

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