Project Description

Onyx, Coral and Silver Necklace

This statement necklace made of caocho and displaying some fantastic round faceted onyx and round coral beads is effortless to wear because it has no clasp and it adjusts perfectly to your neck.

It is very comfortable because of the caocho touch.

Onyx is related to strength, vigour, courage and self-control. It is easily recognized by the black colour, due to being the most common colour of the stone, but we can also find the Onyx of other colours, like brown and white.

Red coral is an organic gemstone related to prosperity, vitality and life energy. It is beneficial either in love or in business. It brings more passion to relationships, increasing the owner´s attraction. For business, it increases creativity and effectiveness.

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Crossed Gems Necklaces

Contemporary necklace has a beautiful crossed centre of 8 mm round faceted black onyx and bordeaux agate centre, making a very happy colour matching.


Sea & Earth Necklace

This necklace is with freshwater pearls and three gorgeous tiger eye quartz; it is straightforward to wear because it has no clasp, and it adjusts perfectly to your neck.