About Rolanda Alves Jewels & Gems

Rolanda Alves Jewels & Gems is a jewellery and lifestyle brand based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Our knowledge in jewellery and gemology is crucial to pursue excellence, to create unique handmade pieces using traditional techniques and carefully chosen materials.

Every piece is unique and has its own story. Either from the materials or the time, effort and care we put into each piece.

We are always trying to create unique handmade pieces that have a life of their own.

Our goal is to create jewels that make you feel special and unique.

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Some of our Jewels


Thin Round Earrings

Handmade and with a texture that turns each piece in one of a kind. They have a diameter of 30mm


Trio Bracelet

These bracelets have a tridimensional form. They are exquisite and fit either in a formal look as well in a more casual one.


Pearls AA Necklace

Classic necklace made with fantastic 11 mm pearls with excellent colour and orient