About Rolanda Alves Jewels & Gems

Rolanda Alves Jewels & Gems is a jewellery and lifestyle brand based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Our knowledge in jewellery and gemology is crucial to pursue excellence, to create unique handmade pieces using traditional techniques and carefully chosen materials.

Every piece is unique and has its own story. Either from the materials or the time, effort and care we put into each piece.

We are always trying to create unique handmade pieces that have a life of their own.

Our goal is to create jewels that make you feel special and unique.

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Some of our Jewels


Trio Ring

This exquisite tridimensional ring fits either in a formal look as well in a more casual one.


Vertical Pendant

This necklace pendant is handmade with a texture that turns each piece one of a kind, either for woman or man


Garnets with a Twist Necklace

This classic rhodolite garnet necklace, in a beautiful shade of deep red, has a different touch that will exquisitely complement your toiletry.


Organic Earrings

We have 3 sizes, you can also choose if you like it as a pendant with an ear wire or with an ear stud


Organic Bracelets

With 8 cm of diameter, they are available in four metal finishings: 24k gold, rose gold, silver or dark patina.